Foundation failure is usually the result of one, or a combination of several conditions. It normally occurs slowly over a period of time, going unnoticed until evidence of it's having happened, appears! Sticking doors, cracking  sheetrock in corners, around windows or doors, and even squeeking floors, are all possible evidence that a foundation is beginning to fail.
Heavy soil is usually responsible for foundation failure. This condition is caused by improper yard grade, poor eaves trough and downspout performance, site elevation, soil composition and inadequate surface water drainage, allowing the soil to become saturated with moisture, causing it  to expand, thus increasing contact  pressure to the foundation.
Alan Russell Construction will be happy to inspect your foundation, or the foundation of a purchase that you may be considering, and discuss it's condition with you. Some foundations are in good condition, others need repair. There are several ways to repair foundations, or remedy the potential of worsening conditions. Because of the many combinations of contributing factors, every foundation is unique, and requires an inspection of it's own. Contacting Alan Russell Construction by one of the methods listed on our 'Contact Us' page will enable you to set up an appointment.